The Four Ores


AVAILABILITY: No Longer Available

YEAST: Foggy London

HOPS: Cascade, Willamette

MALT: 2-Row, Rolled Oats, Black Malt, Chocolate Malt, Crystal Light, Roasted Barley, Munich

Tasting Notes

This malt forward beer evokes images of espresso and cacao, supported by restrained ester characters produced by the Foggy London strain of yeast from Escarpment Labs. A smooth, low-carbonation allows these flavours to shine without any astringency or acidity, while the bitterness from the hops and high mash temperature finish this beer with a balance and mouthfeel that warms us up on cold nights. Our version of an English-style porter, or a traditional Canadian-style porter.


During the Second World War, the straits around Conception Bay were home to a direct attack from German forces in Newfoundland waters. In an effort to destabilize iron ore delivery from the Bell Island mine to Halifax, Nova Scotia two German u-boats sank four iron ore carriers, resulting in the loss of 69 lives. Come in, remember our unique history, and try a beer as dark as the dust that those ores created.

Malty Bitter

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