12 Bricks


AVAILABILITY: No Longer Available

ADJUNCTS: Lactose, Raspberry Puree, Key Lime Puree, Hibiscus

HOPS: Equanot, Bru-1

MALT: Pilsner, Pale Wheat, Acid

Tasting Notes

This brew features a long lasting, pink, creamy head, aromas of cranberry and lime, and a bright red colour. Its full body, creamy milkshake vibes with a tart finish supported by hops and a balanced addition of raspberry, key lime and hibiscus.


A lot of our beer exhibit strong fruit flavours without having to add actual fruit; it’s part of the magic of brewing. But from time to time, it’s fun to experiment and really double down on those fruit flavours. Enter, the Twelve Bricks Milkshake NEIPA. No, it’s not named for the brick facade on the building, but rather it’s a play on the Brix scale which is used to measure the sugar content of a solution. The 84kgs of lime  puree that went into this batch came in at 12, coincidently we were also open for a full 12 months when this beer was released.

Malty Bitter

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