Good beer should be shared, and good breweries should give back to their communities. Sponsorships are our way of doing this. If you have an event or cause that you think would benefit from our product and presence, we’d love to learn more about it. Last minute requests will be difficult to accommodate: we’re pretty good at making beer, but that stuff takes time to get tasty and bubbly.

We’re open to providing support to a variety of groups, such as educational, environmental, health, religious, cultural, artistic, and membership organizations. Unfortunately, there are a few types of groups and events we’re unable to support. Because we need a charitable/not for profit registration number for verification, we are unable to help non-registered organizations. Additionally, networking events, mixers, conferences, or events hosted by a retail company to promote the organization itself are also off limits for us. We also stay away from additional donation requests from the same organization within the same calendar year. Nothing personal: it’s just business.

Let us know what you’re planning and we’ll see if and how we can get involved.

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