Berry Fairies


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A lot of our beer exhibit strong fruit flavours without having to add actual fruit; it’s part of the magic of brewing. But from time to time, it’s fun to experiment and really double down on those fruit flavours. Enter, the Berry Fairies Blueberry Wheat Ale.

Berry picking has always been tied to Newfoundland history and the culture of our people. From the time we discovered the gems along barrens and bogs we’ve been picking, preparing, and preserving them. But, throughout time, especially along the Irish-settled Avalon in Conception Bay, there’s been tales of fairies leading pickers astray with disorienting delusions. But don’t fear, we’ve braved the fairies on your behalf to create this distinct and delicious blueberry wheat.

Made from locally sourced, wild Newfoundland blueberries from Walsh’s Farms, this beer is as local as it gets.

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