Farmer’s Riot Red

Red Ale


Foggy London




2-Row, Rolled Oats, Crystal Light, Roasted Barley

Tasting Notes

First released on St. Patrick’s Day, 2019, this red ale had been a labour of love for us for many years of homebrewing. Very traditional, the low carbonation highlights the malt flavours such as roasted toffee and caramel. Bittering hops used are reminiscent of those you would find used in a pub-made beer in Ireland, adding just enough bitterness and earthiness to balance the malt-forward beer.


In the 1880’s, the quiet farming community of Foxtrap, one of the communities that makes up what is now called Conception Bay South, was home to a now infamous confrontation. Tensions grew between locals and surveyors for the railroad as they moved through the area. One woman was noted as approaching the surveyors with arms bared and hair streaming in the wind and vowing to “let sunlight into the stomachs of the invaders.” We certainly love the community we call home, but we promise the only thing we’ll let into your stomachs is delicious beer.




Group 215