Long Pond Blonde


AVAILABILITY: On TapGrowlersCans

YEAST: Foggy London

HOPS: Cascade

MALT: 2-Row, Pilsner, Vienna

Tasting Notes

TA pilsner-malt based beer, with a low final gravity and low hoppiness, making for an easy drinking beer on a warm summer’s day. The Cascade hops used round out the beer with a slight citrusy flavor and and the Foggy London yeast from Escarpment Lab clean the beer up wonderfully and support the slight citrus aroma.


Sometimes a beer gets its name simply because it’s fun to say. Is that the case here? Or is there some mystery behind where it comes from? A tale of unrequited love, perhaps. A jilted lover desperately trying to win back their lover’s heart, maybe. We’re sorry to say that there’s nothing too grandiose behind the name of this beer: we just thought it sounded neat. And that’s really the spirit behind this beer. It’s easy to drink and doesn’t take itself too seriously (although we’re pretty serious about how great is).

Malty Bitter

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