Original Sin


AVAILABILITY: No Longer Available

YEAST: Ardennes

HOPS: Equanot, Cascade, Centennial, El Dorado

MALT: 2-Row, Wheat Malt, Rolled Oats, Munich, Pale Wheat, Vienna

Tasting Notes

We have a soft spot for the spice and clove-like aromas that are synonymous with Belgian styles. The star of the White IPA is the Ardennes strain of yeast from Escarpment Labs, which produces such aromas and flavours. The beer is further elevated with the full body produced by Canadian wheat, and a balancing hop charge that gives slight bitterness and earthy-floral aromas, as it warms with a slight hint of citrus. A cloudy, whitish-orange.


For decades, homebrewing was synonymous with some less than savoury ventures and some less than safe practices. But homebrewing is where Ninepenny started, as is the case with a lot of craft brewery owners. And the White IPA is the beer that started it all for us. It set the wheels in motion for us to begin considering opening a brewery of our own. We guess you could say that it’s damned good.

Malty Bitter

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