Roaring Forties


AVAILABILITY: No Longer Available

YEAST: Foggy London

HOPS: Cascade, El Dorado, Azacca

MALT: 2-Row, Pale Wheat, Oats, Biscuit, Vienna, Acidulated Malt


More than just an important decade for music and culture, the 1940’s represent a major turning point in Newfoundland history: all thanks to a really big fight and America’s interest in the soon-to-be-province. During the early part of the decade, the United States recognized the strategic value of our island as part of their war effort, so they shipped a load of soldiers north to build bases, roads, and other infrastructure. This activity created a boom that the dominion had never seen and established a connection between the superpower and the small island that’s still visible today.

Malty Bitter

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