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YEAST: Foggy London

HOPS: Cascade

MALT: 2-Row, Pilsner, Vienna

Tasting Notes

Despite the name, an Ordinary Bitter is a traditional English style that is, by modern day standards, not particularly bitter at all! The beer boasts toasty, nutty flavours that are further enhanced by a moderate bitterness and spicy, fruity tones from the Willamette hop.


The ‘bitter’ style is inseparable from British pub history and due to its robust taste and low gravity, it’s one of the original session beers. The pubs that would serve this beer were often named after local iconography and served as a historic kind of community centre. It’s our goal that our taproom will do this for the town of Conception Bay South, so we wanted to commemorate this historic style with some local icons. So, we looked to the town’s coat of arms. The town’s motto is ‘Together We Stand’, and now, together we drink!

Malty Bitter

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