Curbside Pickup Update

2 Apr, 2020

You will receive an email the day after your order is placed when your order is ready. Please ensure you pick up your order as soon as possible after receiving the notification that your order is ready, and in any event, prior to the end of the day.

We ask that you do not leave your car until there is no one else at the main entrance picking up their order. Call 240-5000 for assistance. No entry permitted, friendly wave optional.

Present your ID at the main entrance. The ID must match the name on the order and you must be 19+ years of age.

Once ID is verified, step back to allow staff to pass your order to the pickup table.

Retrieve your order, staff will sanitize the pickup table, and begin processing the next order.

One more big announcement still to come! Thank you all for being awesome during all of this! 🍻